Among the different extracurricular activities that were held in Ins Aiguaviva throughout the school year were the English classes. A great number of students attended them and had a good time with all their teachers: Jordi , Tomás and María Emilia.

Today Ainhoa and Judith have been talking to one of their teachers, Jordi to know more about him.


Hello Jordi, How are you?
Fine, thanks

Can we ask you some questions?
Yes, of course!

What’s your job?
I’m a teacher, a teacher of English.

How old were you when you started studying English?
I was 10.

Where did you study English?
First, at school and at several language schools and then at university.

Did you study English Philology?
No, I didn’t. I studied translation and interpreting at the UPF.

Did you also study English abroad?
Yes, I did. When I finished my university degree I went to Leeds. I had a great time there and it helped me improve my English too.

Tell us two reasons for being a teacher.
Well, First of all I like teaching and I also like meeting people.

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you like to be?
A translator. In fact, I worked as a translator before becoming a teacher.

Why did you stop teaching us?
I got a job at university. It was a good opportunity so I had to quit your classes. I didn’t have enough time to do so many things.

What about next year? Will you be our teacher again?
Maybe, it’s been nice but I don’t really know where I’ll be working next year.

Thank you very much Jordi and enjoy your holidays!!!!!!