The play review


Laura is a teenager that has the same nightmare every night:: a ghost tells her she’s going to die soon. Laura’s mother takes her to a boarding school to improve her English. In this school she makes some friends and they explain her a story about a girl who was killed in a car accident a long time ago. Laura starts to investigate it and finds out things that she would have preferred not to know.  Judit Monfort  1r A


The play was really good and interesting. I didn’t get bored but sometimes I was quite afraid.” Elena Zújar 1r A

“I liked it because it was funny and exciting. I enjoyed when Norma and her brother played a joke on Laura.”  Laura Viñuela 1r A

“The play was great. If we saw more plays like this, we’d learn English faster.” Jose Capitán 1r B

“I think  it’s a good way of learning English. I really liked the ending. I believe nobody expected it.”  Laura López 1r B

“I like it. The story is great. My favourite part is when the ghost appears. It’s fantastic but a bit scary! “ Rocio Osuna 1r C

“From my point of view the play is fantastic. It made me laugh but I was also scared. I liked the ending of the story. It was surprising.” Sonia Lacasa 1r C